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Are you interested in working from home without spending a single penny and reclaiming your freedom back?

Are you fed up with your boss?

Tired of wasting money and time on endless commuting?

Worried about your job security and bleak financial future?

If so, you are in the right place at the right time

A recent study (source: CN news) shows working from home is more productive and healthier. The researchers found out that those who worked from home were significantly more productive than their office-bound counterparts.

What you need to know about working from home and why so many people fall victim to scams.

The Internet is full of eBooks with empty promises. You may have even fallen victim to one of these eBooks yourself. I know many people who have.

Lots of those eBooks are not written by someone but by some company that employs a team of writers, designers, marketers, and copywriters. Basically a whole team of people who are hired for one specific reason : to make you buy the product, which is often full of fluff.

These products and eBooks are designed to play on your psychology to make you believe you are spending your time and effort on something worthwhile but know this: you are not!

They are taking your hard earned money and selling false hopes in return.They live to prey on the mild nature and desperation of good natured people like yourself.

If you want to earn some extra money, browse my eBook for Ideas!

You'll find hundreds of ideas to make money in my eBook: "463 Ways To Make Money From Home"

I am Christine Clayfield, You might ask what makes me different to the scam artists. Well, I am known as an honest internet marketer and I want to keep it that way.

 I have been working from home for the last 8 years and I totally love it.

I love the free hours, I love the fact I can choose when to work, I love the great social life. Basically I love everything about working from home. I get to spend quality time with my family, travelling and doing whatever we want, whenever we want."

You too can start a business from home: there are 463 make-money-ideas in my eBook, which you can download immediately by clicking the order form below.

Does this mean that I’m going to teach you some spell to twirl a magic wand and you will wake up to a million dollars in your bank account, a private jet standing in your personal hanger, a Ferrari in your garage? NO! I am not! I do not believe this is possible for someone just starting out. And if someone promises you million dollar success right away, BE WARNED! They are looking to prey on your need to succeed. My book is FULL OF IDEAS, the rest is up to you. You can find a great idea that you like and start building your income.

Who is the Audience of My Book?

 The answer is EVERYONE!

 Everyone can profit from this book. It does not matter who you are, this book is for you. It does not matter if you are:

A budding entrepreneur looking to build a business
A stay at home mom or someone who needs to take care of parents
Someone who does not have the aptitude to bear a 9 to 5 job
An unemployed person who wants to have a good financial career
An employee looking to escape the binding norms of 9 to 5 life
An Old Aged Pensioner who would love to earn some extra income
Someone who likes to spend more time with family
Someone who is not happy in your current job
A teenager or a young person who wants to earn some money
A student who wants to start making good money
A disabled person, often forced to stay at home a lot due to poor mobility
A self-employed person who would like to supplement their income


Basically, my eBook is for those who want to do something productive with their life! Through my eBook I will provide you with the right ideas and proper direction to maximise your success. I believe that everyone is capable of achieving the greatest heights if they just put their mind to it and put a good idea into practice. There are 463 ways to make money in my book. Surely, one of them must be suitable for you!

What’s In the Book

You probably have a million dollar idea! Everyone has at least one!

The problem mostly is to implement the idea properly and put it into practice.

It’s always better to start small working from home. Unlike popular belief, you do not need any huge capital or a large workforce to achieve your goal of succeeding.

 All you need is a good idea, the will power and a set goal.

If you do not have an idea yet on how to start making money, there’s plenty of thinking material for you in this book.

Studies have shown that people who work from home are happy to earn up to 30% less for the convenience of being able to work at home.

If you want to be among the happy people who earn a decent living from their home, you are on the right track.

If you are reading this because you want to be successful, you have already taken the first step. Let me be one of the first to congratulate you on this. You are probably rightfully very excited about your decision to earn some extra money or to work from home or perhaps you are even a little bit scared.

I magine what would your life be like if.....

With a good idea and some good advice, you will be well on your way to being successfully self-employed in a home-based business. And trust me being self-employed in a home-based business is the greatest feeling in the world and you can spend more time with your family.

The benefits include the following:

 You make the rules (ice cream at noon)!
You set your work schedule.
You can take your kids (or your pets) to work.
You can spend more time with your family (or not; it’s your choice).
You can call your ex-boss an idiot and get away with it.
No expensive premises to rent/buy
Save time and money spent commuting
Less stress therefore better health
Freedom to do what you want and when you want it
You can create passive income with some methods mentioned in this book, which means that even when you don’t work, you will earn money
You can’t get fired
Big savings on work clothes as you can wear your jeans or comfy trousers every day
You are your own boss - nobody tells you what to do and when to do it
You can earn what you are truly worth, not what someone else thinks you are worth. (And they never seem to think you are worth all that much, do they?) If you succeed, you will certainly earn more than you would at a regular job.


No matter what type of home-based business you want to start, this guide can really help you. It doesn’t matter if you want to work from home using a computer, making a product and selling it, running a business servicing the local area (like a contractor, computer service professional, etc.) or you want to have a business in your home (like child care) –this book is bursting with ideas to help you find "your thing".

The key is actually doing the right things and knowing which mistakes to avoid. This guide will help you by showing you both what to do and what not to do. If you’re serious about owning a home-based business, then this book is for you.

In this book you’ll find:

Some ideas that you can do without having a computer
Some ideas where you’ll need to have a computer but won’t need to have your own website
Some ideas where you’ll need a computer and your own website.

It’s my personal guarantee that business ideas presented in this book are real life. You can start making money this month with one of the ideas presented in “463 ways to make money from home”.


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 Why this book?

 Why did I write this book? Well, 2 main reasons:

Countless people I speak to ask me all the time how they can earn money working from home without spending a lot of money.
Millions of people are struggling financially and are always looking to earn some extra cash.

Not all the ideas in this book involve just sitting at home,though. You’ll find plenty of ideas for making money that you can do outside the home while still being your own boss and other ideas are just quick and easy ways to make money, which you can use at any time – whether you’re running your own business or not.

 I hope that I will be able to help some people to earn extra money so they can improve their financial situation.

 My No Questions Asked, No Hassle 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

guaranteedYou can feel secure in decision to say "Yes!" because i stand behind this product 100 percent!

If, for any reason, you decide this product is not for you,you're entitled to a prompt, courteous refund with no hassle and absolutely no run around.

Your purchase Comes With ZERO RISK

  If you want to earn extra money, just click the Buy Now button below to claim your copy of “463 ways to make money from home” right now.

 "After you Click the "Add To Cart" button and your order is processed, you will receive the eBook. After ordering you can immediately download the eBook and be reading it in seconds on your computer. There is no shipping charge, no waiting! Even at 4AM in the morning you can order the eBook."

FOR ONLY $34.95


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